Your Heart

Natalie comes with a new single from her upcoming album. This track has everything you need for a hot summer time! ´╗┐

Lyrics: Your Heart

Chorus: I wanna know your heart I wanna know your mind Tell me your thoughts Tell me what hurts you deep inside I wanna know your mind I wanna know your heart Your love is all I All I wanted from the start Oh Pull me closer, pull me closer Oh-Yeah Oh Take me deeper, deeper

Lyrics: I’m New (Jako Diaz Remix)

Verse 1: Out of the blue, Like diamonds in sunlight your eyes were shining. Could it be true? Standing in plain sight, my future was hiding. I never knew (i never knew) Oh, That face In the crowd, Would be so proud, Oh, to be mine. Chorus: Love’s the sweetest pain, And here I am