Lyrics: Rainy Night

On a rainy night While I am waiting all alone Shelter in this place Where they’re all pairing one by one The raindrops are falling like teardrops, 
I’m calling For love, love I’m moving to music of downpour I can’t get enough On a rainy night 
arms are open Open to the world Only a

Lyrics: Time

Counting the days I sail across the endless sea See through the haze What has happened to me Never thought I would ever fall so deep My love is the only thing that I could keep We can’t turn back time When I was yours alone And you were mine We can’t go back in

Lyrics: Better Way

1 When we first met I was gazing out Of some window thinking about The past, the rain, the future pain But you brought me back that day And then you looked into my eyes And ahead lay bluer skies With you I knew my future lay I could think of no better way No-no

Lyrics: Your Heart

Chorus: I wanna know your heart I wanna know your mind Tell me your thoughts Tell me what hurts you deep inside I wanna know your mind I wanna know your heart Your love is all I All I wanted from the start Oh Pull me closer, pull me closer Oh-Yeah Oh Take me deeper, deeper

Lyrics: I’m New (Jako Diaz Remix)

Verse 1: Out of the blue, Like diamonds in sunlight your eyes were shining. Could it be true? Standing in plain sight, my future was hiding. I never knew (i never knew) Oh, That face In the crowd, Would be so proud, Oh, to be mine. Chorus: Love’s the sweetest pain, And here I am